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Welcome at the BSG-Consult GmbH website

The healthcare and social services sector is one of the strongest growing markets, in which potential can be extracted and synergies used by means of new forms and concepts of provision. BSG Consult is a consulting and management company specialising in the social and healthcare economy. As well as conventional consulting, BSG also operates institutions in its own and in others’ names. BSG customers are institutional and private investors, as well as institutions of the social and healthcare economy.

In consultations, BSG is concerned with all aspects in the area of care management, such as quality and allocation management, marketing and positioning strategy, as well as the evaluation and examination of facilities. A further focus is on cross-sector cooperation between the care sector on the one hand and the in-patient and outpatient sector on the other.

As well as conventional consulting, BSG, together with investors, operates selected facilities in the framework of management contracts. Here, the cooperation can go beyond restructuring or interim management, and BSG can adopt a long-term commercial role.